Breastfeeding (and bottle feeding)

Achieving your infant feeding goals


How can a Lactation Consultant help?

  • alternatives to tongue-tie divisions
  • antenatal colostrum harvesting
  • any concerns you may have about breastfeeding e.g. medications, covid19
  • attachment issues “latch”
  • blocked ducts, blebs, mastitis
  • bottle feeding, paced feeding
  • breast pain
  • breastfeeding multiples- twins (and more!)
  • Breastfeeding positions- what does koala hold really mean? How to master Side lying!
  • combination feeding- how to triple feed
  • concerns about low milk supply/transfer
  • debrief/ counselling of previous infant feeding experiences
  • how to wean from nipple shields
  • how to wean off breastfeeding
  • inverted/ flat nipples
  • jaundice
  • nipple pain
  • nursing strikes/breast refusal
  • nursing through pregnancy, dry nursing, tandem feeding
  • planning for returning to work/education/ time away from baby
  • pumping/expression and storage guidelines
  • re-lactation or induced lactation
  • sore/cracked nipples
  • supplementary nursing systems (SNS)
  • thrush
  • tongue tie professional assessment for frenulotomy (and division if needed)
  • transitioning from bottle feeding to breast
  • weight gain issues


The ideal package includes antenatal debrief and learning, plus postnatal support. This is 1 x 2 hour antenatal visit and 2 x postnatal consultations (plus email and text support as needed to achieve your goals).

  • Antenatal support- 1 visit to discuss your goals, review previous experiences, and teach the basics of breastfeeding to get off to as easy a start as possible, including all you need for antenatal colostrum harvesting.
  • Postnatal support- up to 2 x visits to offer infant feeding support after the birth of your baby/ babies, and suitable care plan dependent on the situation and individual needs. Ongoing email and text support as needed so you can achieve your breastfeeding goals.
  • This costs just £275

Had your baby?

  • A postnatal consultation is only £95 face to face, and lasts about 45 minutes to an hour, with email support afterwards. It’s the perfect space to listen to your feeding issues and work through possible solutions, observe a feed and offer tips and tricks to resolve your issues. The feedback is outstanding! 

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“Absolutely recommend” (Solihull, 2018)

“I literally think of you almost every day because ever since I saw you my breastfeeding journey MASSIVELY improved! 🥰 -no more mastitis only the very occasional bleb. (I wish I saw you sooner!) So grateful. Thank you so much again. ❤️ Still boobing away of course and baby is still a huge boob monster but I’m loving it. 🥰 So glad I have your contact in case I need you again. ” mum from Worcester, 2021

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