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Use the contact form below, or email me with any questions  I look forward to being part of your journey! 

Lactation Consultancy / Tongue-Tie

  • IBCLC antenatal ‘ideal’ package £275 1 x 2hour antenatal session, plus 2 x postnatal consultations
  • IBCLC postnatal consultation £95 approx. 45-60mins F2F
  • Frenulotomy ‘tongue-tie’ professional assessment and division including feeding support £195 approx. 60-90minutes (£95 refunded if not division required)
  • Frenulotomy ‘tongue-tie’ division add-on £100 (eg. if already had postnatal consultation)
  • Out of hours fee £45 (weekends/ evenings/ bank holidays)
  • Travel and petrol costs- 50p per mile over 30 minutes travel from WR5 3RQ- send me your postcode and this can be discussed on enquiry

Online options- If you need immediate help or a physical examination is not required or there are limitations with travel, then an online consultation is viable, and gives an opportunity to quickly review the current situation and put feeding support in place, however an oral assessment will not be possible (eg. to assess tongue restriction).

Full payment is required prior to consultation. If you are having financial difficulties, please let me know in advance and we can discuss options- I would not like financial issues to be a barrier to care. For parents of multiples, there is a charity fund available for lactation consultations via Breastfeeding Twins and Triplets

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“Exceeded expectations. Wonderfully personable teaching that always left a calm and serene atmosphere.” (Moseley, Birmingham, 2018)

“I wanted to get in touch to thank you. To say that you’ve saved my breastfeeding journey would be an understatement. Before we spoke the last time, I was really at the limit of what I could tolerate in terms of my recurrent blocked duct. I’ve followed all of the suggestions you made and I’ve only 2 blockages since we last spoke. This is huge for me!  As well as the benefits to BF, this has had a significant, positive impact on my mental health. What I’m most appreciate for is the empowering way in which you go about sharing advice and listening to my concerns. I honestly cannot thank you enough.” mum from Warwick, 2021

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