Hypnobirthing survey results

So firstly a HUGE thankyou to everyone who responded to the hypnobirthing survey, here’s a summary of the results:

what is hypnobirthing

What is hypnobirthing all about?

Who are you?

Of 70 respondents, 8% are pregnant, and 85% have children.

There was a huge range in responses- many people didn’t know about hypnobirthing, or what it is, but many people have heard of it and know it is a form of pain relief, by way of relaxing. Some had used the techniques, with great success, in a variety of formats- from books and CDS to attending private courses.

What do you know about hypnobirthing?

95% were interested in hypnobirthing to provide coping strategies for birth, followed by 78% wanting to be confident about birth, and 78% wanting to know how to relax. Well, hypnobirthing definitely achieves that! 61% were interested in how to be comfortable in birth, and 50% want to know the benefits to baby.

What are you looking for?

The respondents felt they would have more confidence in a course if it was held locally (74%), facilitated by a midwife (65%) and accredited by a reputable body such as the Royal College of Midwives (58%). Attending a taster session and having additional resources such as CDs/ MP3s and supporting books are appreciated (51% for both).
There was a range in responses to the preference of the course format- the majority opting for an evening course (40%), or a weekend course (25%). 65% would prefer a group hypnobirthing course, but there was also interest in weekend pregnancy retreats (10%) so keep an eye out for info on a pregnancy retreat project I am involved in!
Money and distance does seem to be a factor in accessing courses- with most (70%) preferring to pay under £250, although the remainder would be able to increase this to £250-500, and most happy to travel up to 10 miles. The variety of course formats definitely cater for this- with group hypnobirthing courses costing £250 and private courses costing £350, as they are tailored to your specific requirements. I have always felt money should never be an issue in accessing this wonderful education, so please get in touch to discuss payment plans if needed.

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