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Rosie ParryRosie Parry
17:30 04 Jul 24
Reached out to Deb when still struggling with pain nursing 4 weeks in, suspecting a tongue tie. She offered an appointment very quickly, was very professional and not bothered by the general chaos of the household when she arrived😊Assessed and treated my baby for a posterior tongue tie and her advice around nursing and expectations for the weeks after have been spot on. Would absolutely recommend.
Paige JeffreyPaige Jeffrey
19:31 27 Jun 24
I couldn’t recommend Deb more. She is so lovely, and welcoming. The whole process from getting in contact with Deb to having an appointment was so quick & easy and she came the next day l was well informed through the information that was sent prior to the appointment but even more when came Deb is so professional and really put me at ease, and explained everything worth every penny
Nasreen NaserNasreen Naser
20:33 22 Jun 24
Deb was available to come to my home with very short notice which was very much appreciated as I was feeling quite defeated and dreading feeds.Once she arrived, she very quickly was able to identify a tounge tie to my surprise as I was not expecting it, I just thought it was poor latching. That was reassuring and instantly gave me hope that the breastfeeding journey will get easier with time and patience hopefully.Deb explained everything clearly and gave me complete confidence and reassurance throughout the procedure. It was all over and done with in a blink of an eye. My little one wasn't overly distressed which I was worried about. The first feed after was already a lot less painful with the help of Deb.Feeling hopeful, thank you.
katy marykaty mary
17:18 17 May 24
I couldn’t recommend Deb more. She is so lovely, warm and welcoming. The whole process from getting in contact with Deb to having an appointment was so quick & easy and took a matter of days to be booked in. I felt well informed through the information that was sent prior to the appointment but even more so after having a conversation with Deb. I most importantly felt listened to after 10 weeks of feeding struggles which felt so good as a new mum! It was so much more comfortable having Deb come to our home and took the stress of going elsewhere for an appointment. Worth every single penny!
Katharine GreenerKatharine Greener
07:11 01 Mar 24
Deb came out to assess my 13 day old Son for a tongue tie. She clearly explained what she was assessing for and why. We decided to have the treatment and it instantly made a difference, he was able to poke his tongue out and touch the roof of his mouth. The latch & breast feeding also felt better 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Aubrey JohnsonAubrey Johnson
17:29 27 Feb 24
A few months ago, I struggled with, I believe, low milk supply and many of my friends suggested a IBCLC. They suggested weighted feeds, latch assessment, etc. and that their IBCLC assisted with all of this. Based on the reviews, I requested an in-person consultation with Ms. Hanson, however she suggested virtual because it's easier and probably better suited for first consultations. It was cheaper, so fair.In summary, I didn't receive much guidance on any of the above via the chat. She mainly just asked the issues and I spoke for majority of the call, likely clearly saddened at my situation. Her solution, and likely only solution was to pump more. She started ending the call with hard truths of my situation, pump more, although it may be to no improvement, then "CLICK". The call abruptly ended because she keeps the calls on a timer, I suppose.My partner looked over at me and just said "I'm so sorry." I cried for the next half hour and just kind of felt worse than I did before I made the appointment. The email she sent after was clearly a general email to cover herself and prove she listened. It had generic help and links (not all work anymore) to review.She did email 1-2 weeks later to follow up. I wasn't interested. I spoke about my experience with peers and gave myself time to "cool off" before submitting this review. I don't believe I received any information or assistance worth the cost. My personal suggestion is to check in with the GBSN(Gloucestershire) or other local breastfeeding hubs. They will literally sit with you and latch the baby for you, they have reading material, suggestions for improving milk supply, and community support. It's free.Also, clients should be inform beforehand or I suggest removing the hard stop at 30 minutes and hanging up on emotional, post partum women.I gave 3 stars because the information is likely helpful for some or anyone who missed other birthing classes with NHS/GBSN like groups.
Charlotte HawesCharlotte Hawes
17:18 19 Feb 24
Deb performed a tongue tie division on my 2 month old baby girl- she was very knowledgable and offered plenty of feeding advice. I was very tearful during the procedure and she reassured me throughout. Thanks Deb!
Tommy WebsterTommy Webster
21:30 14 Feb 24
Deb was very friendly and put us both at ease during the tongue tie division procedure. She gave us some good advice on breastfeeding as well. Would recommend to anyone in the same situation as us.
Leah FoleyLeah Foley
17:01 08 Feb 24
Deb was very supportive, kind, and professional. She took the time to get a detailed idea of how feeding was going and provided useful advice to resolve my concerns about weight gain and milk supply. I'm very glad to have seen her!
Kat BarwellKat Barwell
11:40 19 Jan 24
I wish I’d reached out sooner! Deb has been incredibly kind, compassionate and supportive. She helped give us much needed confidence in our feeding journey whilst weaning from nipple shields and support with other queries along the way! I have and would continue to recommend Deb to anyone locally needing extra support with their feeding journey ❤️
beetle hotrodbeetle hotrod
14:32 11 Jan 24
Deb is such a lovely lady and really reassuring. Procedure was very quick. I would highly recommended Deborah she is very professional and knowledgeable
Caitlin ThomasCaitlin Thomas
19:42 10 Jan 24
Deb came out to assess my baby for a tongue tie, she explained everything clearly and discussed everything with me. She found my baby had a tongue tie and completed the procedure there and then, reassuring me beforehand that it was entirely my choice whether we went through with it or not. Deb was thorough, kind, caring and easy to talk to - making me feel completely at ease and like my baby was in safe hands, 100% recommend.
Emma KingEmma King
13:15 21 Dec 23
Deb was super helpful, kind and patient - once she gave me a few in-person tips, everything clicked. We had been struggling for 6 weeks due to various reasons (tongue tie etc) and Deb's guidance really got us to a place where I can now breastfeed with no pain.
mavis mensahmavis mensah
08:48 29 Nov 23
I was having difficulties breastfeeding my second child, and I contacted Deb for an online consultation as it was too far for a face-to-face consultation. Deb listened to me and was able to detect where the problems were, advising me accordingly. After the consultation, she sent me a plan to follow with useful links. Since then, things have improved, giving me confidence that, with determination and patience, I will be able to reach my breastfeeding goal.
Katrina MerrifieldKatrina Merrifield
15:22 31 Jan 22
I had two sessions with Deb. One in person and one over video and both were great. Deb helped me feel much more confident with laid back breastfeeding and working out how to do this comfortably. She provided lots of helpful resources and a summary email after both our sessions. Thank you Deb!
Lauren KayeLauren Kaye
14:25 31 Jan 22
Deb provided great support to me on my breastfeeding journey with my baby, 14 months and still going strong thanks to her encouragement! Highly recommend Deb to anyone. She is personable, knowledgeable, patient and makes you feel comfortable right away!
Jennifer LaventineJennifer Laventine
18:22 26 Aug 21
Deb saw me the same day I contacted her and diagnosed my painful nipple thrush — which probably saved my breastfeeding journey! She was so empathetic and kind and made me feel so much better when I had hit a real low. I can’t recommend her enough to anyone struggling with any element of BFing. Thank you Deb!
Laetitia Gordon-FurseLaetitia Gordon-Furse
04:51 22 Jul 21
Couldn’t recommend Deborah highly enough who listens with empathy and offers detailed practical advice at every turn. Five stars but I’d put six if I could!
nicola deenicola dee
18:46 29 Jun 21
Deb has been an incredible help to us. Deb came to see us when my baby was 6 days old. We had had a difficult time with feeding after discovering they were severely tongue tied and even though we had had a Frenulotomy 2 days prior, I still felt I couldn't get baby to latch properly and couldn't find the right positions to make it not hurt me.Deb took time to talk to me and my husband; hearing my birth story, tongue tie issues and observed how I was currently feeding. She gave hands on and visual support with a knitted aid (a knitted breast, very cute) to help us understand how it all worked and showed us different techniques and positions to encourage baby to latch more comfortably.On top of her knowledge being incredible, she was just the loveliest person. I instantly felt comfortable with her and felt heard. I would highly recommend a consultation with her if you were having any difficulty with feeding. It is a learning curve for both my son and for myself, but the consultation gave me more confidence to learn together.Thanks so much Deb xx
ruth bayleyruth bayley
16:50 12 May 21
I approached Debs with a wide range of questions and problems. She was able to guide me through all of these and has improved my breastfeeding experience. She is calm and supportive. I felt completely relaxed and at ease. I would highly recommend.
Vanisha PatelVanisha Patel
15:24 15 Apr 21
I contacted Deb during the COVID lockdown as I was struggling to seek help with breastfeeding my three week old. She was knowledgeable, kind and empathetic. She gave me confidence and great advice, and I managed to get back to EBF my little one after a rocky start. I would definitely recommend!
Amy HillAmy Hill
14:32 22 Mar 21
Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better service. Debbie came in like the fairy godmother she is, answered all of my breastfeeding questions, solved my problems, gave me clear advice and I now feel like my issues are fixed.I breastfed my firstborn until he was 2yo so you’d think I’d know what I was doing but I definitely needed Debbie’s support and guidance. After just one hour with her I have so much more confidence and feel I can start enjoying my breastfeeding journey with my 7 week old! If that’s not worth the money then I don’t know what is!
Saba JaleelSaba Jaleel
01:35 05 Mar 21
Deborah is kind and genuine. She has a lovely manner and is very knowledgeable. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to my family and friends. If it wasn't for Deb, I wouldn't have gotten my son's tongue tie assessed and divided today! Thanks again..
Imogen PreddyImogen Preddy
16:59 08 Feb 21
Absolutely brilliant experience. I contacted Deb when I was in quite a desperate place, I couldn’t breastfeed my newborn and he had dropped a significant amount of weight. Two weeks down the line he is now back aboveBirth weight and I am breastfeeding him successfully. Deb has always been very quick to respond to contact from me, I couldn’t recommend her enough
Steph McGeeSteph McGee
13:13 23 Jan 21
Deb is a powerhouse of knowledge and support. And she is one of the kindest people I know. She is perfectly placed to help in your breastfeeding journey - right when you need her most. If you are struggling or need help, ask Deb. She'll respond quickly with reassurance, knowledge & practical support.
Samantha DennisSamantha Dennis
06:11 12 Jan 21
My lactation consultancy with Deb was brilliant! She addressed my individual needs, helping me become super confident with different feeding positions. My nights nursing are now so much more comfortable! She was friendly personable and knowledgable. Would highly recommend!
Sarah WinslowSarah Winslow
16:49 07 Jan 21
Would definitely recommend deb if you are in need of any breastfeeding support! I wish I’d done it sooner. Deb got back to me within 1 day of emailing and made me feel super comfortable in our consultation. She then clarified everything in an email which was very helpful to help remember everything we had discussed!
Eleanor BrowningEleanor Browning
22:41 21 Dec 20
I'm so glad I contacted Deb- only wish I'd done it sooner!! She is so knowledgeable, calm and reassuring. I can't recommend her support highly enough!
Gen Hart Van BredaGen Hart Van Breda
18:50 20 Dec 20
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Deb answered my desperate query so quickly and managed to do a home visit the same day! She is SO knowledgable and just lovely. She made me feel super comfortable and I immediately felt better about feeding after her visit. If you are in desperate need of help or support, or just need some extra confidence, definitely get into contact with Deb! I’m so relieved to have found such a lovely IBCLC! Xx
Leanne SterenbergLeanne Sterenberg
21:55 30 Nov 20
Deb was fantastic! She was able to offer me an appointment really quickly after my first enquiry, which is so significant when struggling with feeds. She is incredibly friendly and offered me so much support and really helped my confidence in my feeding and eased my mind about things. Highly recommended 🙂
David JacksonDavid Jackson
20:07 05 Nov 20
We got in touch with Deb shortly after our daughter was born (our 1st child), as my wife was having issues breast feeding. We were getting in a bit of a panic but Deb very quickly responded and managed to squeeze us in the next morning.Deb was brilliant, full of great advice and support. She took time to understand us and our daughter, what we wanted to achieve, and put our minds at rest with regards some concerns we had! After the appointment we received detailed notes from Deb outlining everything we’d discussed so we had a record we could refer back to.We achieved our goals and I’d highly recommend Deb to anyone trying to breastfeed.
Rachael BrownRachael Brown
09:52 02 Oct 20
I reached out to Deb when I was having some problems breastfeeding and was finding it hard to get help. She came out to see me quickly and was really kind and took the time to find out what the issues were and helped me feel confident that I could improve things and continue to breastfeed. Thank you Deb.
Helen HobsonHelen Hobson
08:39 17 Sep 20
Really supportive - 100% recommended
Jen MillerJen Miller
16:49 12 Sep 20
Deb has helped me both during the birth of my first, after with getting her on the breast in recovery and throughout my breastfeeding journey with her. After I had my twins and I was in TC, the staff didn’t have the knowledge or time to help me. I knew just who to call... Deb! She came and saw me on the Ward and we just spoke and spoke. She is so calm. She turned me from a panicking mess into a confident tandem feeder! That night my twin with the feeding issues fed perfectly from the breast with the information I learned from Deb and the confidence that she gave me. I’m still feeding the twins now at 18 months and without debs support along the way I doubt I’d have gotten this far! I thoroughly recommend Deb for all birth and lactation journeys!x
Bethany BrownBethany Brown
08:14 12 Sep 20
Supportive and knowledgable! I would trust all families with her.
Laura BoyesLaura Boyes
08:04 12 Sep 20
Deb knows so much about breast feeding and helped me with a range of issues all through my feeding journey so I could feed my little one for as long as I wanted. She is friendly and so supportive and her input made such a difference. Highly recommended!
Body to BabyBody to Baby
08:01 12 Sep 20
I can’t recommend Deb more highly! The knowledge, support, care and love she shows for every single person she works with is heart warming. Your in the BEST professional hands with Deb! X
Leann HarrisLeann Harris
07:57 12 Sep 20
Deb is professional, caring and compassionate, her lactation knowledge is outstanding.

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